2019 Breakfast Club themes announced

Motorsport | Press Article 16/04/24

Goodwood is pleased to announce the themes and dates for the ever-popular Breakfast Club events taking place at the Goodwood Motor Circuit throughout 2019:

Estate Car Sunday – 3 March

Goodwood will open the 2019 Breakfast Club season with a celebration of the true workhorses of the automotive world. Estate Car Sunday will see every kind of estate from blisteringly fast German über-wagons to astonishingly rare Italian-designed shooting brakes filling the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

All Wheels but Four Sunday – 5 May

Showcasing the true variety of the automotive world, All Wheels but Four Sunday invites cars, bikes, trucks, buses and any kind of motorised transport down to Goodwood – as long as it doesn’t have four wheels.

Supercar Sunday – 2 June

A Breakfast Club favourite, celebrating the pinnacles of automotive engineering – the supercars and hypercars of the world, as well as high-performance exotica of all varieties. Supercar Sunday will bring together some of the greatest cars the world has ever seen.

Classic Car Sunday – 4 August

Celebrating the heyday of motoring, Classic Car Sunday will welcome cars and bikes of all types, shapes and speeds – as long as they were built before 1979. We aim to fill the Motor Circuit with tax-exempt cars and bikes as a nod to the Revival, which will be just a few weeks away.

Eighties Sunday – 3 November

Time to get the shoulder pads out, stick on some Spandau Ballet and fire up the Quattro – Goodwood is going back to the 1980s! We’ll celebrate the decade that produced some of the most iconic cars and bikes of all time. Legendary machines like the Ferrari Testarossa, Peugeot 205 GTI, Honda RC30 and Kawasaki Ninja 900.

Jon Barnett, Goodwood Motor Circuit General Manager added: “We are delighted to announce the 2019 Breakfast Club dates, including three entirely new themes aimed to encourage an eclectic mix of cars and bikes. The Goodwood Breakfast Club continues to be a fabulous family event that is completely free to enter for all, including the family dog – on a short lead please. Come and join us for a great breakfast, great coffee and of course some great vehicles.”

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