Catch my drift

Festival of Speed | Press Article 17/04/24

Catch my Drift

24 June 2016

Drifting is a relatively new phenomenon in the UK, but Goodwood is showcasing this exciting sport at this year’s Festival of Speed. Champion US drifter Vaugh Gittin Jr put on a stellar display of tyre-frying car control earlier this afternoon aboard his monstrous Ford Mustang RTR, but multiple European champion Luke Woodham matched him for artistry in his sinister black Nissan 200SXS 14A. ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddet was also out in action in his wild rotary-engined ‘MadBul’ Mazda. The Red Bull UK-backed driver was voted ‘Most Thrilling Driver’ at the 2013 Festival and he clearly hasn’t lost his ability to put on a show in the interim.

For sheer drama, however, none of them are likely to top Irish driver Derek Butler’s antics in his 2011 Sauber. Those who witnessed ‘Butsy’ drifting this supercharged V8-engine machine are unlikely to forget it.


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