Declared Runners For Friday, July 29

Horse Racing | Press Article 17/04/24

2:00 Betfred Glorious Stakes (Group 3) 1m 4f £100,000

1 (5) Ayrad (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Roger Charlton 9st 1lb Frankie Dettori

2 (2) Berkshire (IRE) (Blinkers) Paul Cole 9st 1lb Luke Morris

3 (6) Elite Army Saeed bin Suroor 9st 1lb James McDonald

4 (4) Kings Fete Sir Michael Stoute 9st 1lb Ryan Moore

5 (1) Majeed David Simcock 9st 1lb Jamie Spencer

6 (8) Mount Logan (IRE) Roger Varian 9st 1lb Andrea Atzeni

7 (3) Scottish (IRE) Charlie Appleby 9st 1lb James Doyle

8 (7) Loving Things Luca Cumani 8st 12lb Martin Lane


2:35 Bonhams Thoroughbred Stakes (Group 3) 1m £100,000

1 (7) Buratino (IRE) Mark Johnston 9st 1lb Joe Fanning

2 (10) Cymric (USA) John Gosden 9st 1lb James McDonald

3 (6) Dragon Mall (USA) (Hood) David Simcock 9st 1lb Jamie Spencer

4 (1) Emotionless (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Charlie Appleby 9st 1lb James Doyle

5 (9) Forge Sir Michael Stoute 9st 1lb Ryan Moore

6 (8) They Seek Him Here (IRE) (Tongue Strap) Hugo Palmer 9st 1lb Frankie Dettori

7 (4) Thikriyaat (IRE) Sir Michael Stoute 9st 1lb Paul Hanagan

8 (2) Tony Curtis Richard Hannon 9st 1lb Sean Levey

9 (11) Czabo Mick Channon 8st 12lb Silvestre De Sousa

10 (5) Light Up Our World (IRE) Richard Hannon 8st 12lb Pat Dobbs

11 (3) Promising Run (USA) (Visor) Saeed bin Suroor 8st 12lb Andrea Atzeni


3:10 Betfred Mile (Heritage Handicap) 1m £150,000

1 (11) Here Comes When (IRE) (Hood) Andrew Balding 9st 10lb Joshua Bryan (7)

2 (21) Carry On Deryck Saeed bin Suroor 9st 8lb James Doyle

3 (7) You're Fired (IRE) K. R. Burke 9st 7lb Jordan Vaughan (5)

4 (5) Master The World (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) David Elsworth 9st 6lb Pat Dobbs

5 (18) Hors de Combat James Fanshawe 9st 4lb Oisin Murphy

6 (13) Outlaw Country (IRE) Charlie Appleby 9st 4lb James McDonald

7 (12) Third Time Lucky (IRE) Richard Fahey 9st 4lb Paul Hanagan

8 (9) Belgian Bill (Blinkers) George Baker 9st 4lb Pat Cosgrave

9 (17) Celestial Path (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Sir Mark Prescott Bt 9st 4lb Luke Morris

10 (10) Donncha (IRE) Robert Eddery 9st 2lb Adam Kirby

11 (4) Azraff (IRE) Marco Botti 9st 2lb Andrea Atzeni

12 (8) Boomshackerlacker (IRE) George Baker 9st 2lb (3lb ex) Fergus Sweeney

13 (6) One Word More (IRE) (Hood) Tim Easterby 9st 1lb David Allan

14 (22) Jailawi (IRE) Ismail Mohammed 9st 1lb Silvestre De Sousa

15 (1) Franklin D (USA) (Visor) Michael Bell 9st 1lb (3lb ex) Ryan Moore

16 (20) Lat Hawill (IRE) (Visor) Keith Dalgleish 8st 13lb Joe Fanning

17 (16) Keystroke Jeremy Noseda 8st 12lb Jimmy Fortune

18 (19) Can't Change It (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) David Simcock 8st 12lb Jamie Spencer

19 (14) Gabrial's Kaka (IRE) Richard Fahey 8st 12lb Tom Eaves

20 (3) Red Avenger (USA) (Blinkers) Gary Moore 8st 11lb Liam Keniry Reserves

R21 (15) Solar Deity (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Jane Chapple-Hyam 8st 11lb Martin Dwyer

R22 (2) Room Key (Sheepskin C/P) Eve Johnson Houghton 8st 9lb

Eliminations: Balmoral Castle, Atlantic Sun, Imshivalla (IRE), Above N Beyond, Knight Owl, Fieldsman (USA), Ice Slice (IRE), Arcanada (IRE), Melvin The Grate (IRE), Spring Offensive (IRE), Zhui Feng (IRE), Wilde Inspiration (IRE), The Warrior (IRE), Afjaan (IRE), Ode To Evening, Czech It Out (IRE), Palawan, Whitman, Beaverbrook, King's Pavilion (IRE), Oh This Is Us (IRE), Laidback Romeo (IRE), Goring (GER), Montsarrat (IRE), Boots And Spurs, Welford, Bathos (IRE)


3:45 Qatar King George Stakes (Group 2) 5f £312,100

1 (9) Cotai Glory Charles Hills 9st 2lb George Baker

2 (14) Finsbury Square (IRE) (Blinkers) F. Chappet, France 9st 2lb Olivier Peslier

3 (12) Goken (FR) Kevin Ryan 9st 2lb Jamie Spencer

4 (13) Goldream (Sheepskin C/P) Robert Cowell 9st 2lb Martin Harley

5 (16) Jungle Cat (IRE) Charlie Appleby 9st 2lb James Doyle

6 (5) Line of Reason (IRE) Paul Midgley 9st 2lb Martin Lane

7 (7) Move In Time (Visor) David O'Meara 9st 2lb Daniel Tudhope

8 (10) Muthmir (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) William Haggas 9st 2lb Paul Hanagan

9 (1) Pearl Secret David Barron 9st 2lb Oisin Murphy

10 (2) Spirit Quartz (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Robert Cowell 9st 2lb Adam Kirby

11 (11) Take Cover David C. Griffiths 9st 2lb David Allan

12 (15) Divine (IRE) Mick Channon 8st 13lb Silvestre De Sousa

13 (17) Ajaya (Sheepskin C/P) William Haggas 8st 12lb Andrea Atzeni

14 (3) Kachy Tom Dascombe 8st 12lb Richard Kingscote

15 (6) Washington DC (IRE) (Tongue Strap) Aidan O'Brien, Ireland 8st 12lb Ryan Moore

16 (4) Easton Angel (IRE) Michael Dods 8st 9lb Paul Mulrennan

17 (8) Marsha (IRE) Sir Mark Prescott Bt 8st 9lb Luke Morris


4:20 Betfred Supports Jack Berry House Nursery Handicap 6f £20,000

1 (18) Mailshot (USA) Mark Johnston 9st 7lb Franny Norton

2 (3) Rusumaat (IRE) Mark Johnston 9st 6lb Paul Hanagan

3 (12) Top Score Saeed bin Suroor 9st 5lb James Doyle

4 (10) Monks Stand (USA) (Visor) Jeremy Noseda 9st 5lb Frankie Dettori

5 (15) Diable d'Or (IRE) Eve Johnson Houghton 9st 2lb John Fahy

6 (17) Naafer William Haggas 9st 2lb Martin Harley

7 (1) Final Reckoning (IRE) Charlie Appleby 9st 1lb James McDonald

8 (7) Prince of Cool James Given 9st 0lb Tom Eaves

9 (8) Zamjar Ed Dunlop 9st 0lb Andrea Atzeni

10 (4) Scofflaw Richard Fahey 8st 13lb Jamie Spencer

11 (6) Naples Bay John Quinn 8st 13lb Cam Hardie

12 (14) Sayesse Mick Channon 8st 12lb Charles Bishop

13 (13) Aventinus (IRE) Hugo Palmer 8st 12lb Richard Kingscote

14 (11) High Acclaim (USA) Roger Teal 8st 11lb Fergus Sweeney

15 (5) El Torito (IRE) Jim Boyle 8st 9lb Sam Hitchcott

16 (2) Dusker (USA) Mark Johnston 8st 3lb Joe Fanning

17 (16) Notalot (IRE) (Visor) Michael Bell 8st 0lb David Egan (7)

18 (9) Buskin River (IRE) Richard Hannon 8st 0lb Kieran O'Neill


4:55 L'Ormarins Queens Plate Stakes (Group 3) 7f £80,000

1 (4) Queen Catrine (IRE) (Blinkers) G. M. Lyons, Ireland 9st 6lb G. F. Carroll

2 (3) Alfajer Marco Botti 9st 3lb Andrea Atzeni

3 (10) Always Smile (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Saeed bin Suroor 9st 3lb James Doyle

4 (11) Growing Glory (FR) Francois Rohaut, France 9st 3lb Stephane Pasquier

5 (5) Namhroodah (IRE) James Tate 9st 3lb Luke Morris

6 (6) Marenko Richard Hannon 8st 13lb Sean Levey

7 (8) Alamode (Sheepskin C/P) Marcus Tregoning 8st 10lb Martin Dwyer

8 (1) Al Jazi (IRE) Francois Rohaut, France 8st 10lb Gregory Benoist

9 (9) Besharah (IRE) William Haggas 8st 10lb Pat Cosgrave

10 (2) Buying Trouble (USA) David Evans 8st 10lb

11 (7) Mise En Rose (USA) Charlie Appleby 8st 10lb James McDonald

12 (12) Opal Tiara (IRE) Mick Channon 8st 10lb Oisin Murphy


5:30 Betfred Mobile Handicap 1m 3f £20,000

1 (3) Poet's Word (IRE) Sir Michael Stoute 9st 7lb Ryan Moore

2 (8) Al Neksh William Haggas 9st 6lb Frankie Dettori

3 (14) Welford Mark Johnston 9st 6lb James Doyle

4 (4) Combative Amanda Perrett 9st 5lb Pat Dobbs

5 (5) Zzoro (IRE) Amanda Perrett 9st 4lb George Baker

6 (1) Royal Reserve William Muir 9st 3lb Martin Dwyer

7 (12) Goldenfield (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Gary Moore 9st 3lb Liam Keniry

8 (11) Sixties Groove (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Jeremy Noseda 9st 2lb Adam Kirby

9 (9) Indulged James Fanshawe 9st 1lb Tom Queally

10 (15) Carry Me Home Charles Hills 9st 1lb James McDonald

11 (10) Sabre Squadron (IRE) Peter Chapple-Hyam 8st 13lb Jamie Spencer

12 (2) Cosmeapolitan Alan King 8st 13lb Fergus Sweeney

13 (6) Isharah (USA) Mark Johnston 8st 11lb Joe Fanning

14 (16) Diamond Geyser (IRE) Luca Cumani 8st 10lb Andrea Atzeni

15 (13) Theos Lolly (IRE) Richard Fahey 8st 9lb Paul Hanagan

16 (7) Sark (IRE) David Evans 8st 9lb Silvestre De Sousa

Eliminations: Visage Blanc, Brorocco, Guns of Leros (USA), Organza, Space Mountain, Imari Kid (IRE)