FoS cooking on GAS

Festival of Speed | Press Article 17/04/24

Festival of Speed Cooking on GAS

25 June 2016

The Goodwood Action Sports arena (GAS) is an adrenaline-fuelled zone, jam-packed with some of the world's best two-wheeled extreme sports-riders. Huge ramps send fearless freestyle motorcross riders tens of feet into the air, where they perform tricks that boggle the mind. You really have to see it to not believe it.

The BMX and mountain bike riders have a line of jumps, berms and drops that showcase them at their freakishly-skilled best. Rocks, logs and man-made ramps prove no problem for the trials riders - with and without engines - who hop, spin and wheelie their way over them all to the wonder of the enthralled crowd.

This weekend freestyle motorcross is spectacularly represented by the likes of Petr Pilat, Ryan Brown, Steve Somerfield and Dan Whitby as well as the legendary Ricky Carmichael. Taking to the BMX Dirt course are such stars as World Champion Kye Forte, Chris Doyle, Mike 'Hucker' Clark, Matt Roe and Mark Webb. Chris Doney takes on trials obstacles using pedal power alone and will run alongside one of the greatest motorcycle trials riders of all time, Dougie Lampkin MBE, as well as Alexz Wigg.

GAS takes up an incredible four acres of the world famous West Sussex venue. The area takes some six weeks to build and a weighty amount of soil, to the tune of 10,000-plus tonnes, is shipped in.


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