Goodwood Estate to launch vegan restaurant

Goodwood Estate | Press Article 16/04/24



Goodwood is to radically re-brand their imaginative nose-to-tail restaurant, Farmer, Butcher, Chef, after a bold advertising campaign led to complaints and protests from vegan activists.

From Monday 1 April the restaurant; Farmer, Butcher, Chef will become Florist, Botanist, Chef. Our award-winning organic meat and animal products will no longer feature on the menu, instead exclusively vegan natural produce from the Goodwood Estate will form a new menu. The butcher’s boards will be replaced with botanist boards and sides such as the beef dripping chips will be replaced by salt-baked sunflower. A sample menu for the launch day can be found below.

Goodwood is committed to showing how seriously it takes the criticism from the vegan community. Animal welfare has always been at the heart of everything we do at Goodwood Home Farm, with all our animals born and bred on the Estate; and from 1 April Goodwood will view animals on the same level as humans. This new ‘take the flower by the thorns’ approach will see the animals from the farm welcome to eat at the restaurant alongside humans from the same menu.

Head Florist at Florist, Botanist, Chef, Jo King said, “We hope the new approach will feed two birds with one scone and show that Goodwood is very aware of the current issues and trends in modern society. This new-fangled venture also allows us to showcase the fantastic produce that is grown onsite and to give our customers confidence that they will have travelled father than their foliage.”


Sample Menu:

To Start: Tulip tartare with fresh leaves

For main: Turf bourguignon on a bed of nettles

To finish: Compost brownie and ice



Editors Notes:

Please note this is a spoof press release to celebrate April Fools’ Day. Farmer, Butcher, Chef will not become vegan and will continue to showcase the very best beef, pork and lamb from Goodwood Home Farm in a frequently-changing, seasonal menu. No animals were harmed in the making of this campaign.