Goodwood Golf Juniors Win National Title

Golf | Press Article 17/04/24

Golf At Goodwood’s youths are celebrating an incredible achievement after winning the Junior Teams Golf Nations Champions making them the best young golfers in the UK.

Goodwood’s Junior’s eight player team was made up by: Joe Sykes, Zach Hauffe, Jack Berry, Cameron McLeod, Freddie Gillett, Thomas Bisatt, James Pollard and Cody Jackson.

Golf At Goodwood Academy Manager Chris McDonnell said: “Despite a practice round in challenging conditions, the team started the Strokeplay qualification tournament incredibly well.

“It was clear that the three loops of nine holes at Forest Pines in Lincolnshire were going to be a challenge for all the competitors due to the tight, tree lined fairways. The courses are rated among the toughest in the UK and our boys needed to play sensible and strategic golf to progress in the tournament.”

Playing against Llantrisant from South Wales in the final, who had beaten the previous year’s Champions, and had much higher handicaps, proved not to be an obstacle in the Goodwood team’s path to success.

Tom Bisatt went off first, followed by Zach Hauffe, Freddie Gillett, Jack Berry, James Pollard and Cody Jackson. Goodwood captain Joe Sykes went as the first wild card, followed at the back by Cameron McLeod.

The early stages were nip and tuck and the spectators expected another close game. Towards the end of the front nine, Freddie Gillett and Jack Berry started to open up commanding leads. Unfortunately, James Pollard came up against a strong opponent who, despite a handicap in the 20’s, was only a couple over par for the first seven holes.

Having experienced the 3-3 result in the morning, Goodwood’s Juniors were keen to avoid a repeat especially with Joe Sykes giving 26 shots at number seven in the order. Tom Bisatt, in the back nine, won a number of holes to take his match 3 & 2, Freddie Gillett and Jack Berry gave the team a commanding 3-0 lead.

Llantrisant clawed two matches back but Cody Jackson pulled away from his opponent around the turn and secured the winning point on the 14th green. Goodwood won the final 4-2.

The Home Nations Finals will be televised on Sky Sports in May or June.

McDonnell added: “What looked like it was going to be a close game didn’t materialise and the team were able to celebrate an incredible achievement.  The team performed so well, playing very sensible golf on a difficult course, which was a great testament to the ethos that Golf At Goodwood has driven through the junior programmes over the years.

“Four of the team started playing at Goodwood when they were five years old and others team members were recent graduates from the Level Up programme It really emphasises the excellence that Goodwood has in its Junior ranks.”

The Juniors’ march to victory was laid when they won the West Sussex League last year, which qualified them to enter the South Regional JTG Championships.

Following their win they moved forward to the National Finals, with the top four teams qualifying for the Home Nations Finals at Ramside Hall in Durham. The Home Nations finals consisted of club teams from Scotland, England and Wales.

The junior team travelled to Forest Pines Golf Club in Lincolnshire to play against title after competing against the best youngsters from across the UK.




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