Goodwood launches two exciting new Stearman Flight Experiences

Aviation | Press Article 16/04/24

Goodwood launches two exciting new Stearman flight experiences

The Goodwood Flying School in West Sussex is hugely excited to announce the launch of two brand new historic flight experiences, both using the beautifully crafted Boeing Stearman N2S3 biplane.

The Stearman Aviation Experience provides one person the opportunity to spend 40 minutes in the aircraft, including a half-hour flight over the breath-taking Sussex coastline and countryside. The pre-flight briefing includes information on the history of the aircraft, as well as informal tuition on the basics of flying a biplane and the chance to plan a personalised route. The price of the Stearman Aviation Experience is £449.

For those who wish to spend longer in the air and enjoy some of Goodwood’s renowned hospitality, the Stearman Fly & Dine experience provides 50 minutes in the aircraft, with a flight time of 40 minutes. After taking in the scenery in the majestic Stearman, a champagne lunch for two people awaits at the exclusive members only clubhouse, The Kennels. Much like the Stearman Aviation Experience, the Fly & Dine also includes an introduction to flying basics and the history of this WWII trainer. The price of the Stearman Fly & Dine is £549.

The nature of the aircraft allows for aerobatic manoeuvres to be included in each flight, though the passenger can choose a more gentle flight at their discretion. Simple stick and rudder controls make it an ideal aircraft for passengers to get a feel for commanding the skies. Both the experiences are available year-round, though booking will be encouraged during the warmer months owing to the open cockpit.

Stearmans were used extensively during the Second World War to train novice pilots in the US Air Force and US Navy, despite its design being almost obsolete at the time. The simple, rugged construction made them straightforward to fly and maintain and as a result, many were sold beyond the USA to Canada, China, the Philippines and South America. 

This particular Stearman, G-CCXB, was delivered new in 1943 and started as a US Navy trainer, based in Indiana and then Iowa. It was imported into the UK with another example in 2004 to be used for wing walking.

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Goodwood Aerodrome was originally created to assist the War effort. Known as RAF Westhampnett, the busy fighter station was active from July 1940 as a Battle of Britain airfield, through to May 1946. Now home to some 100 aircraft, ranging from vintage Warbirds to modern rotary and fixed wing aircraft, Goodwood Aerodrome is known for its picturesque setting and is popular with visiting pilots. The Goodwood Flying School provides tuition for those learning to fly, including the PPL, LAPL and FI student, as well as one-off flight experiences to suit a variety of budgets.

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