Goodwood Proud to Support National Apprentice Week

Goodwood Estate | Press Article 16/04/24

Apprenticeships are back in vogue with the Government aiming to increase the number of UK apprentices to three million in 2020.

Today, there is a growing recognition that passing on skills and mentoring young people is good for both society and for industry with the government highlighting the importance and impact of apprenticeships.

Goodwood is at the forefront of supporting National Apprentice Week (February 3 – February 7, 2020) with 13 trainees from chefs to accountants to greenkeepers, all learning their trade the traditional way across the Chichester estate.

The Culinary Academy provides on the job chef training for young people to work and train in Goodwood’s amazingly diverse kitchens over a two year period and is overseen by Michelin star Executive Head Chef Darron Bunn. Upon qualification, graduates are offered a position within one of the restaurants across the estate. 

“Our academy provides chef apprentices with two years of estate-wide kitchen and farm experiences as well as gaining industry recognised chef qualifications,” explained Darron.

“You don’t get that kind of hands-on experience with any other type of catering courses. At Goodwood, our apprentices become valuable members of our 50-strong team and are vitally important to our future success. When they graduate after two years they are proper industry ready chefs,” Darron added.

Much of the Culinary Academy apprenticeship as a chef is not spent in the kitchen at all, as the apprentices will spend two months working with Goodwood’s farming, dairy, cheese-making and butchery operations before they ever set foot in the kitchen. With this in-depth knowledge they will be better prepared to cook for customers at the estate’s restaurants which celebrate Goodwood’s organic produce. The restaurants included the fully sustainable Farmer, Butcher, Chef, The Bar & Grill, The Kennels private members club as well as the events held at Goodwood House.

Ellie Hawley, 18, is one of Goodwood’s apprentice chefs and started the academy in July 2019. Ellie is currently based at The Bar & Grill in the Goodwood hotel and has been moving around the estate seeing how all the different kitchens work. She spent her first two months working on the farm with the animals and learning how the meat is prepared before it arrives in the kitchens.

“I have loved working on the farm and I have enjoyed working in the different kitchens learning new techniques and working with different people,” revealed Ellie who joined the academy after completing a catering course at college. 

“It’s a great step, especially coming straight from college. It is so evidence based and allowed me to work out what sort of thing I might like to do in the future. It has been a quick but long six months that has taught me lots but there is still lots to be uncovered.”

Elsewhere on the estate James Lynch, is an Assistant Greenkeeper based on the Downs Course. He came to Goodwood in January 2018 as a golf receptionist after a brief career as a professional golfer. James is now taking a Level 2 apprenticeship course.

“My apprenticeship entails a wide range of things from constructing bunkers to cutting fairways. There is always something new to learn that I’ve not done before which keeps it interesting. It’s a great way to get a qualification while still working,” said James.

Bethany Newton, is an apprentice finance assistant at Goodwood, she was a qualified pharmacy dispenser before she joined and is now studying for her Level 3 qualification.

“Being an apprentice is a great way to start a career and achieve the qualifications required for the job,” added Bethany.

“I have discovered new ways to develop a deeper understanding and broaden your knowledge and at the same time I have been able to get involved with some of the other experiences Goodwood has to offer like the tree planting.”











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