Goodwood Estate | Press Article 16/04/24

On 24 and 25 May 2020, Goodwoof, presented by MARS Petcare, will celebrate its very own Concours d’Elegance, Chien Charmant. The competition, now open to enter online, is looking for charming stories and charismatic partnerships between dog and owner.

The Chien Charmant theme for 2020 will be British Excellence, which will define the six classes. Each class will celebrate a breed representative of British Excellence: Corgis, Retrievers, Setters, Jack Russells, Beagles and Collies.

The breadth of each breed will be welcomed – Setters may be Gordon, English or Irish; Corgis Cardigan Welsh or Pembroke Welsh; Retrievers Curly or Flat Coated, Golden or Labrador; Russells Jack or Parsons and Collies Border, Rough, Smooth or Bearded – nor will Goodwoof overlook any crossbreeds with unmistakable features of the breed.

Careful selection will seek out the stories that make a partnership much more than the simple sum of its parts. Personality is essential – as is an easy affinity and alluring presentation. Canine competitors will of course be expected to look their best.

The contest will span both days of Goodwoof, with pairs being awarded points primarily for a captivating story, charisma and personality; consideration will also be given for beauty, performance and obedience with an overall Champion and a People’s Choice winner selected each day.

To add to the excitement of the event, Scruffts, the nation’s favourite crossbreed competition from the Kennel Club will be joining the fun with heats held over the course of both days.

Searching for that extra special something, the Scruffts classes will include; Golden Oldie and Handsome Crossbreed Dog, as well as Prettiest Crossbreed Bitch and Good Citizen. Winners of the 2020 heats will be invited to compete in the semi-finals which will be held at Crufts in 2021.

For further information on how to enter Chien Charmant or Scruffts, visit . Tickets are on sale for Goodwoof presented by MARS Petcare, with adult prices starting at £19.50, Young Persons (13-21) are £9.75, and 12 years of age and under go free.


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About Goodwoof

Goodwood will welcome dogs, their owners and any dog-lovers over the Sunday and Monday of the Bank Holiday weekend. The various disciplines will take place in the grounds of The Kennels. Guests can watch world class displays or simply enjoy dog walks around the estate. Wellbeing areas will provide a host of treatments, nutrition and holistic and conventional therapies including talks and demonstrations from the best in the industry.

About MARS Petcare

Mars Petcare is a diverse and growing business with 75,000 Associates across 50+ countries dedicated to one purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. With 75 years of experience, our portfolio of almost 50 brands serves the health and nutrition needs of the world’s pets – including brands PEDIGREE®, WHISKAS®, ROYAL CANIN®, NUTRO™, GREENIES™, SHEBA® and CESAR® as well as The WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition which has advanced research in the nutrition and health of pets for over 50 years. Mars Petcare is also a leading veterinary health provider through a network of over 2,000 pet hospitals including BANFIELD™, BLUEPEARL™, PET PARTNERS™, VCA™ and Linnaeus. We’re also active in innovation and technology for pets, with WISDOM PANEL™ genetic health screening and DNA testing for dogs, the WHISTLE™ GPS dog tracker, and LEAP VENTURE STUDIO accelerator and COMPANION FUND™ programs that drive innovation and disruption in the pet care industry. As a family business and guided by our principles, we are privileged with the flexibility to fight for what we believe in – and we choose to fight for: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.


About Chien Charmant

Upon completion of an application form online entrants will be considered and selected by invitation only to the event.

Those selected to compete in Chien Charmant at Goodwoof will be sent a pair of complimentary tickets for the day of their class and will be listed on our social channels, where the public will be encouraged to cast their vote for the ‘People's Choice’ award. The entrant with the most votes will be awarded an extra special prize at the event. On the day, judging will take place throughout the afternoon, starting with each class of entrants being invited to meet with the judge in the privacy of The Kennels. The judge will use this time to get to know each dog and owner in more depth.

About Scruffts

The Scruffts classes will include; Golden Oldie and Handsome Crossbreed Dog (heats held at Goodwoof on Sunday 24th May) as well as Prettiest Crossbreed Bitch and Good Citizen (heats held at Goodwoof on Monday 25th May). Entry will be on a first-come, first-served basis and will accommodate up to 40 entrants per class.

Dogs must be six months or older to enter a Scruffts class; Golden Oldies must be eight years or older (dogs over 12 will be entered at the show organisers’ discretion). The cost to enter each class is £2.