Thursday's Magnolia Cup

Horse Racing | Press Article 17/04/24

Please find below the final details of the riders, designers and horses for Thursday's charity race, the Magnolia Cup, at 1.25pm. More information about the riders and the race can be found on pages 8 & 9 of the media guide (please click here to access media guide).


Alby Bailey

Horse: Always Delivering

Normal Name: Leyland

Sponsor: Palmer & Harvey

Designer: Jasmine Guinness (Lucky Lady)

Owner: Yunos Mustafa

Trainer: Natalie Lloyd-Beavis


Alexis Green

Horse: Tony Dinozzo

Normal Name: Tony Dinozzo

Sponsor: None

Designer: Unique Sibanda

Owner: Chelsea Jennings

Trainer: Chelsea Jennings


Camilla Swift

Horse: Nelson's Pride

Normal Name: Nelson's Pride

Sponsor: None

Designer: Beulah

Owner: Mrs C Hallam

Trainer: Roger Ingram


Charlotte Hogg


Normal Name: Spowarticus

Sponsor: None

Designer: ME+EM

Owner: P J Dixon & Partners

Trainer: Scott Dixon


Dido Harding

Horse: ArmellE

Normal Name: Armelle

Sponsor: None

Designer: Bella Freud

Owner: The Friday Follies

Trainer: Scott Dixon


Emily Baxendale

Horse: Continuum

Normal Name: Perfect Pastime

Sponsor: Bowers & Wilkins

Designer: Jasmine Guinness (Rainbow Racer)

Owner: The Paddock Space Partnership 2

Trainer: Jim Boyle


Emma Leslie-Miller

Horse: A Brit of Alright

Normal Name: Clive Clifton

Sponsor: Brit Insurance

Designer: Featherstone Frocks

Owner: John Collins

Trainer: Phil York


Georgie Lane-Godfrey

Horse: Industrial Agility

Normal Name: Tagula Night

Sponsor: QIO

Designer: Liberty

Owner: Gordon Papworth & John Fishpool

Trainer: Dean Ivory


Isabelle Taylor

Horse: Alketios

Normal Name: Alketios

Sponsor: None

Designer: Jasmine Guinness (Birthday Girl)

Owner: Gilbert & Gamble

Trainer: Chris Gordon


Shadi Halliwell

Horse: Zebedee's Son

Normal Name: Zebedee's Son

Sponsor: None

Designer: Amanda Wakeley

Owner: Star Contractors

Trainer: Phil York


Tamara Warhurst

Horse: Harrods Hot Hooves

Normal Name: Conry

Sponsor: Harrods

Designer: Riviera Rebel

Owner: Mr & Mrs H Palmer

Trainer: Ian Williams


Victoria Gray


Normal Name: Tax Reform

Sponsor: Dove

Designer: Vivienne Westwood

Owner: Michael Baldry

Trainer: Natalie Lloyd - Beavis